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American Endodontic Society 
P. O. Box 545
Glen Ellyn, IL 60138-0545

  Telephone: (773) 519-4879 

  1. Submission of 25 completed cases of root canal therapy on 25 individual teeth by the SARGENTI N2 ROOT CANAL METHOD, also known as the N2, or Sargenti method. N2 type sealer should be the final root filling material, either by itself or in conjunction with gutta percha or another acceptable solid core material. Several Deciduous teeth are acceptable.  Each case must be typed or printed on a separate form, even if same patient.



Good endodontic techniques must be utilized and demonstrated:

         A. Proper canal filling with evidence of healing.

    B. No gross overfills.

     C. Three READABLE X-Rays with documentation  of treatment:

(i.e., Pre-op, Immediate Post-op, and a Minimum 2 year follow-up). Follow-up

X-RAY must show shrinkage of peri-apical lesion, if one was present.

Both vital and non-vital teeth must be represented.

At least 1/2 of the cases must be multi-rooted teeth.

At least 20 separate patients must be represented, and another case on the same patient should be submitted on separate forms.   ALL RADIOGRAPHS AND HISTORIES SUBMITTED WILL BECOME THE PROPERTY OF AES.

Duplicate X-Rays will be accepted. If duplicating X-Rays, make sure to remove the originals from their mounts and place them in direct close contact with the copy film when reproducing them to assure clean, clear duplicates.

     FUZZY. UNREADABLE X-RAYS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED and must include the periapical region surrounding the treated tooth.

1. A second option... Also acceptable for Fellowship will be 20 cases AND a short (approx. 10 minutes) presentation on your case histories, at the annual Scientific Session preceding the Convocation. Or a third option could be 20 cases AND a 500 word essay on an endodontically related subject, to be printed in the AES Newsletter.

ALL PAPERS must be submitted at least 30 days prior to Sessions.

2. Indicate where you learned the N2 technique and how long have you used it?

3. Continuous membership in the American Endodontic Society for a minimum of three years prior to the date of your Fellowship application.

4. The fee of $300 MUST accompany each application. This will include your banquet dinner. If your application is not accepted, $50.00 administration fee will be retained and the balance refunded.

Checks must be made payable to "American Endodontic Society".


5. Applications must be received by July 30th of the year of convocation. Send signed application, case histories and fee to:            (Contact Dr. Dreslin if you have any questions.)

American Endodontic Society



P O Box 545

Glen Ellyn, Illinois 60138-0545          


Tel:   (773) 519-4879  


6. You ARE REQUIRED TO BE present at the morning Scientific Session AND the afternoon Convocation Ceremony to RECEIVE THE FELLOWSHIP.